A decade has passed since Xero came on the scene and they are still charging ahead at full speed innovating and improving the product. With more than 1200 updates in 2015 alone, I think it is safe to say Xero is no stranger to innovation.

Through each and every update or added feature you can see that they continually strive to improve the ‘user-friendly’ factor. Below are three of these relatively new features which our clients love.

The first two features are great time savers – every click counts when it comes to saving time navigating a software package. The third feature offers the ability to fix mistakes made at the reconciling stage and let’s be honest, mistakes do happen so it is very important to know how to rectify them.

Our top 3 Favourtie Features To Date

1.The new ‘+’ button:

Xero Feature 1

This new feature allows you to create either a new; invoice, bill, quote, purchase order or contact no matter what page you are currently on in Xero. It can be found in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Simply click on the ‘+’ button and select from the dropdown.

You may think ‘why has Xero added this when you can already create these on other pages in Xero?’ i.e. To create a new contact Go to the Contacts menu tab and select All Contacts, then click Add Contact. Therin lies the answer already, you save time, valuable time.

2. The new ‘Search’ button:

Xero Feature 2

This new feature in Xero can be found in the top right-hand corner of the screen. To open search, click the ‘search icon’ or enter a forward slash (/) on any screen in Xero. You can search for contacts, invoices, bills, purchase orders, quotes, and bank transactions no matter what page you are on in Xero.

Depending on your user role, you may only be able to search for certain types of transactions.

To learn how to optimise the search button go to the Xero Business Help Centre.

3. The ‘Remove & Redo’ button:

Xero Feature 3

I often joke that ‘Remove & Redo’ is my client’s favourite button. The ‘Remove & Redo’ button can be found on the Account Transaction Tab of Xero.

So why do my clients love it so much? If you make a mistake such as reconciling to the wrong sales or purchases invoice, essentially what ‘Remove & Redo’ button does is it ‘Undoes’ the selected reconciliation and pops it back onto the Reconcile screen, like you had never made the mistake in the first place! Also great if perhaps you have done a ‘Create’ transaction when you should have done a ‘Find and Match’ for a sales or purchases invoice.

To learn more about the Remove & Redo button go to the Xero Business Help Centre.