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Learn about WorkflowMax and how we can help you in your setup.

Why WorkflowMax?

  • Enables you to centralise those multiple systems (often on Excel!) into one place where staff can collaborate.
  • Understand the project profitability and how accurate your quoting is.
  • Allows you to manage projects and answer questions such as have we run over budgeted time or costs?
  • Online so easily accessible.
  • Owned by Xero so ‘talks’ nicely to Xero and avoids double entry of sales and supplier invoices.
  • Very reasonably priced.

Why Maxama for WorkflowMax training and set up?

Maxama are certified training partners of WorkflowMax and Xero, based in Guildford, near London. We have implemented or trained over sixty clients in WorkflowMax across a wide range of industries. Clients have included creative agencies, architects, ecology consultancies, training companies, construction and general consultancy firms.

Our Process


First we listen to you to get as much information as possible about your requirements and what you are trying to achieve. We will assess if WorkflowMax is a good fit for your business. From our many years of experience we can quickly assess where any potential problem areas may lie.

Set-up and Customisation

We can complete the full setup for you, where we will develop a plan outlining full costs and estimated timings. Alternatively some clients prefer to carry out the implementation themselves with our assistance.

Training and Support

Training of staff can be carried out onsite. We have standard training notes which we use to assist in onsite training. Alternatively we can develop customised training notes clearly outlining your processes.

Post implementation, we provide webinar support using our online webinar technology GotoWebinar.

WorkflowMax training courses with Maxama

Take a look at the WorkflowMax courses we offer in Guildford, Surrey and London.

WorkflowMax training courses