When accounting and bookkeeping practices embrace modern ways of working they can really reap the rewards.

Research undertaken by Xero has shown that small businesses enjoy 30% faster revenue growth when they use apps to support their business.  Accounting partners who offer app advice to their clients achieve 60% faster revenue growth.  It’s a win-win situation!

Your clients will want to benefit from the advantages that using apps can give them.  As their accounting partner and most trusted business advisor, your clients will be looking to you for help and advice.  This gives you a great opportunity to develop your relationships with your clients and support them on their journeys towards their financial and business development goals.

Not sure where to start?  No problem.  You are not alone and that is where Xero’s latest resource, App Advisory, can help.

App Advisory has many tools to help you offer app advisory services.  You will be able to confidently advise your clients on the most suitable Xero-integrated apps for their business.  Your clients will benefit from unlocked growth, boosted efficiency and scalability.  Your practice will benefit from growth, future-proofing and ongoing revenue.

Begin by checking out Xero’s step by step guide App Advisory Playbook which explains the different options available to you and how to get started.

Once you have completed the app advisory playbook, you can move onto industry specific app playbooks which form part of Xero’s App Playbook Series.  These playbooks focus on the needs and challenges of certain industries and looks at the most suitable Xero-integrated apps.

There are currently over 700+ Xero-integrated apps but you don’t need to learn them all in detail.  This is where the App Integrators can help.

Maxama is very excited to be part of the new App Advisory as an App Integrator specialising in the implementation of WorkflowMax.

We will work with you to assess if WorkflowMax is a good fit for your clients and take the pain of implementation away.

Call us for a chat +44 (0)1483 536 286 or email maree@maxama.co.uk.