Find out about how WorkflowMax provides solutions to those common pain points in your ecological consultancy firm.

1. Pain Point

Different systems, documents and emails for jobs held in different places (often on Excel) and difficult for staff to access and collaborate.

1. Solution

Combining leads, quotes, invoices, purchase orders, documents and emails all into a central system.

2. Pain Point

Many staff working out in the field who need to record their time on the go.

2. Solution

Because WorkflowMax is cloud based you can record your time via the mobile phone app when in the field.

3. Pain Point

Have no view of project profitability.

3. Solution

Run project profitability reports by job or area of the business.

4. Pain Point

Producing quotes

4. Solution

Templates allow you to send professionally designed, branded, custom quotes within minutes.

5. Pain Point

You do not want to be double entering invoices between two systems.

5. Solution

WorkflowMax is Xero owned and operated. Linking WorkflowMax with Xero, sales and supplier invoices flow smoothly between the two systems with no double entry.


“Maree prepared and delivered a WorkflowMax training course, alongside David, at our office for our staff. She worked with us to prepare a tailored course based around the way we run our business. We are now into month three of using WorkflowMax and its going great. Great support with templates and other settings, enabling us to get going and improve our gross profit margin. Maree’s knowledge of the product and her ability to deliver in such a clear and concise manner is to be truly applauded. Thank you.”

Richard Dodd, Wildwood Ecology

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