If you are looking for a cloud based job management tool we think you should definitely consider WorkflowMax. It is widely used by many businesses, especially those that offer professional services and need to manage workflow for accurate reporting, transparency and customer service.

I started recommending WorkflowMax to clients when providing our Xero training and support services. Many clients were struggling to keep tabs on their billable hours and this was causing issues when invoicing their customers. Those that didn’t have this problem had a robust job management solution in place, and out of those WorkflowMax was the most widely adopted and highly rated by our clients.

So what are the key benefits of subscribing to WorkflowMax and why are so many of our clients using it? Read on…

5 Benefits Of Using WorkflowMax

1. Cost

Let’s cut to the chase, WorkflowMax is in the cloud and, in common with many other cloud-based software solutions, is a very affordable solution for businesses of different sizes. Pricing is competitive with no set up fees, no contracts, and monthly subscriptions that can be changed or cancelled at any time.

If you have been exploring other solutions I think you will be surprised at how inexpensive it is; an entry level one user account is £15 per month, rising to a £120 p/m for 21-50 users. Of course, as you would expect there are also optional upgrades and premium features that you may decide you cannot do without at a later date.

2. Can Save Your Business Money And Time

The saying that ‘time is money’ is no truer than when you think about the time you spend on admin tasks, such as processing time sheets, scheduling jobs and managing documentation. Job management software solutions like WorkflowMax are designed to create a collaborative space where your team can update these processes as tasks are completed. This helps avoid you wasting time at the end of a project when you need to collate all this information and invoice your customer.

If you agree that spending time on admin tasks is an unproductive use of your time, then a tool that reduces this will enable you to focus on more value adding tasks instead.

Furthermore with accurate time tracking and time sheet software, you can ensure that staff do not exceed the hours quoted for and that no billable hours go unreported. Future quotes are also more accurate when based on data from previous jobs.

3. Mobile

Cloud-based software comes into its own when it can also be used via a mobile app. If your team works offsite or spends significant amounts of time on the road, the ability to update tasks and record time on a mobile device ensures they actually use the tool.

It also acts a repository for documents and communications related to specific projects and therefore means this information is also available for those employees who are out of the office.

4. Real-Time

Another key benefit of cloud-based solutions is that they work in real-time. This means that when you view an employees’ time sheet you can be sure that you are looking at the most up-to-date version. Similarly if you are tracking the progress of a job, you can see the current status of that job including all the financials.

This real-time data means that users can be much more proactive and responsive when necessary, dealing with issues before they occur and avoiding any nasty surprises.

5. Integration With Xero

If you are already using Xero accounting software then a job management solution that integrates with this is a must. As Xero owns WorkflowMax the integration between the two is seamless.

Data created in WorkflowMax, such as sales invoices, is pushed through to Xero; and payment confirmations from Xero are pushed through to WorkflowMax.

As with any software solution, WorkflowMax can only save you money, reduce time spent on non-value adding activities, and provide you with the data and insights you need to run a profitable business if your team uses it.

Therefore it is really important that when you choose a job management solution the implementation process is managed closely and that employees receive training and support to ensure they use the software.

To help avoid a failed implementation programme, read this blog on what can go wrong and how to prevent it: What are some of the reasons SAAS software implementations Fail?

Are you already a WorkflowMax customer? What other benefits has job management software offered your? Please share in the comments below.