Creatives create more by creating time with WorkflowMax

Creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, the self-employed; whatever you call them, they are in demand. Alongside technology’s rapid development have come 1001 workplace opportunities. Most of these never even existed a decade ago. If you have a creative thought you might well be able to earn a living from it.

Admin has never been creative but it’s always necessary

Many people love the idea of earning a living through their passions and creativity.  ‘If you love what you do you’ll never do a day’s work in your life’ it’s said. That as may be. But however exhilarating and addictive running your own creative business might be, there are still some immovables. You know, the things that sap your time and energy, but over which there is little choice.

How much time do you waste on administrative tasks each week?

What do I mean? Well, imagine how much time it’s going to take you to write up estimates and quotes. How much time would you lose doing that over and over again each month?  What about following up those hand-crafted quotes? What about chasing up leads and potential business? That’s easy to solve. What about taking on some staff to help you? Lovely. But then what about overseeing time sheets, management and work flows? Need we go on?

‘Leave me alone!’

Running a creative business or agency is full of time sappers and responsibilities. There will be days when you are likely to throw your hands up in horror yelling: ‘Leave me alone! All I want to do is create!’

If you are finding your days are beginning to sound a little like that then it’s worth considering this wonderful solution for creatives. Workflow Max is the business, both literally and metaphorically. Operating with Workflow Max is like escaping from the drudgery cage through an open door.

Workflow Max will help you:

  1. Create Easy Time Entry
  2. Prepare attractive Quotes easily
  3. Understand Project Profitability at a glance
  4. Show fabulous Financial Reports so you can see your true profitability on any project.
  5. Keep Everything Together in one System – Leads, Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders
  6. Linking with Xero an online integrated accounting system – Reducing Duplication of entry.
  7. Access Anything Anywhere Anytime as it’s Cloud Based. This means you can work from home or anywhere with everything you need!

WorkflowMax has been created with people like you in mind.

The economy thrives on ideas, on creativity, agility and flexibility. Refusing to use software that takes away the drudgery of administration is like insisting on using vellum for every letter then sending it away to be hand written with a quill. It was great once upon a time but now the story is quite different. Look at it this way, if you want to spend time working rather than tracking work then increase your workflow to the max.  It’s your choice!