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Find out about how WorkflowMax provides solutions to those common pain points in your agency.

1. Pain Point

Often have clients on retainers and do not know whether you are losing money on particular clients.

1. Solution

If WorkflowMax is structured correctly, you can assess whether you are over-servicing clients and receive notifications when you have reached the budgeted time on a client’s account.

2. Pain Point

Different systems, documents and emails for jobs held in different places (often on Excel) and difficult for staff to access and collaborate.

2. Solution

Combining leads, quotes, invoices, purchase orders, documents and emails all into a central system.

3. Pain Point

Have no view of project profitability.

3. Solution

Run project profitability reports by job or area of the business.

4. Pain Point

Achieving the correct branding of your quotes and proposals and invoices.

4. Solution

Can design customised templates that reflect your branding and convey the right image to your clients.

5. Pain Point

You do not want to be double entering invoices between two systems.

5. Solution

Linking WorkflowMax with Xero, invoices and supplier invoices flow smoothly between the two systems with no double entry.


“Maree took great care to fully understand what we were after as we needed to fully utilise and automate our WorkflowMax reporting.  Not only has Maree’s solution saved us a huge amount of time it has significantly enhanced our ability to manage staff and increase performance.”

“As a communications agency we were looking for a solution that would enable us to properly manage our projects and link through to Xero our Accounting Software. Maxama helped us design attractive new proposal templates and designed a system to allow us to better manage our projects. WorkflowMax has made us more efficient and we are now better placed to understand our performance on jobs.  The team were always very responsive and happy to help with our questions.  We would be happy to recommend using them.”

Ros Barclay, Coverdale Barclay

“Maxama’s diligence and accountancy knowledge meant that the integration between WFM and Xero was very smooth for our companies.  We benefit every day from the operational efficiencies Xero and WFM has given us.”

Clare Pratt, Emberson Consulting

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